Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Can't Be An Atheist

My last entry seems to be a bit tired. So I thought I'd try another one. I don't know how I got stuck with this whole Atheist theme? But I have met a lot of cool people and hope we can remain friends, in spite of my list.

#10 I don't know everything.

#9 I'm not mad at anybody.

#8 I don't want to give up free coffee and donuts on Sun. mornings.

#7 Love church league softball.

#6 Watching MSNBC makes me nauseous.

#5 I can't grow a beard.

#4 I'd like to meet Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist and all the rest of them
bad ass Hebrews.

#3 The Cross on the back window of my GMC 4x4 looks a lot cooler than one of
those Darwin fish on the back of their Subaru Outbacks.

#2 That whole eternity thing.

#1 They're to religious.

Peace Out, feeno


  1. Nice Letterman spoof, but I have to wonder why you didn't just post this on your other blog? WHy create a whole new blog for it?


    The more time you spend with me, you'll realize that I don't know what I'm doing half the time. If I could do it all over again,I guess I would.

    I've found some cool places to go because of your "blogs I follow" thingy. Thanks!

    Shalomie Homie, feeno

  3. So now you know I'm a Monarchist. What do you think?

  4. Well I actually have read a lot of your "State of the World" stuff and am quite impressed.

    It's funny, just yesterday me and my oldest daughter, driving back from her college had a nice long talk about Govt. and Christianity.

    We decided Governments are good, people just usually screw them up. having said that, I personally like a capitalistic set up. But I realize that God's not impressed by that, we wont be getting extra credit with God because where we were born. I love my country, but our govt. seems to becoming a Socialistic one. Again nothing in that in it's self is evil, just not what America should be.

    Back to you, I know you can't be voted as King, but you have my vote for Pres. of the USA. Could you marry a Queen/Princess and become King?

    Long live ZAROVE!! feeno

  5. I only have one reason i cant honestly become a faith believer at present.

    To become one i`d (personally) need to become false and a liar whilst propagating faith beliefs that still adversely effect many folks lives.

  6. #4 I'd like to meet Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist and all the rest of them
    bad ass Hebrews.

    As you know, I'm an Atheist & I agree with you on that! lol.

    My blog's comments are working, by the way. Click on the title of the post that you would like to comment on & scroll down.

  7. "They're too religious"

    Ha ha ha ha

    Classic. ;-)

  8. That's funny, especially points 10 and 9. Could you clarify your fears about your country becoming socialistic? Would it have anything to do with the current debate about universal health care?

  9. Hey Ross

    Politics makes me want to puke. So I will try to be brief. The govt. needs to stick to fighting wars and building roads. Leave health care up to Doctors and Nurses, leave creating jobs up to businesses, big or small. Leave sex education up to parents and also if you want to help someone out financially then do it yourself, keep your damn hands out of my wallet. the U.S.Govt. takes half of the money private businesses and citizens make and yet we are 10 zillion dollars in debt, yet we think they can run health care?

    Take our public Schools V. Catholic Schools in the U.S.. Catholics spend less money per student, have older buildings, generally pay their teachers a little less on average yet those kids graduate about 95% of their kids compared to something like 60%. The private school kids end up in College and earn more money and create more jobs for future generations. But instead of using them as a model example we want to throw more money at a problem (public schools) that money can't fix. We have a nation of people who want a hand out and a govt. who knows they can get more power by pretending to care for those wanting hand outs. So the Govt. will continue to grow, and as that happens they will want to govern more and more over my rights. I'm a big boy and take care of myself, I don't need Uncle Sam micro-managing my life.

    The only way the U.S.A will get out of debt is by letting good ole Americans get back to work, quit taxing small businesses to death so they can create more jobs, make more money, then spend it on luxuries creating more jobs etc.etc. etc.

    To me it seems so simple, but someone will read this and think "that's not fair that Mr. Smith makes more money than I do, I'm entitled to some of his money because America allowed him to get rich and after all I'm an American too."

    I'm ready to puke just thinking about it. thanks again for stopping by.

    Peace out, feeno

  10. Thanks for the clarification. This is how the Australian health care system works. Every citizen has access to universal health care through Medicare, the national health care system. Everyone pays a Medicare levy, which is deducted by the government from income tax at the rate of 1.5 per cent of your taxable income. All side of politics regard decent basic health care as a public good and a human right that everyone should be able to access, regardless of their ability to pay. The system isn't perfect, but it works pretty well. Public hospitals are mainly a state responsibility, but the federal government partially funds each state's health system as well. If you visit your local GP, you receive a rebate on the consultation fee. Emergency surgery is also covered by Medicare. In the public system, elective surgery waiting lists are often lengthy. If you have private health insurance, as I do, you can jump the elective surgery queue, and usually have a choice between a public or private hospital. The government also gives subsidies to encourage people to take out private health insurance. While the system isn't perfect, I think we have a good balance between taking personal responsibility for your health and the government's obligations towards our citizens.

  11. Gandolf, I know the whole Neo-Atheist movemenr has villified the word Faith, but don't you think the misdefinition has gone on quiet too long? Faith isnt beleif without evidence, its confidence in a given position. That said, you ARE a Faith beleiver by the misdefinition since without evidence you buy into the cliams made by the Neo-Atheist movement itself.

    Take for instance the claim that "Faith beleifs?" are adverse to people. Thee is no evidence that Christians suffer adversely from beinf Christian and pleny of evidence to support the oposite conclusion, that its helpful. Lets not play these games shall we?

  12. feeno,

    I happend upon your blog via some reading at John Loftus's website. Although I probably could be best described as agnostic,it's guy's like you that remind me that it's a big old world that we live in, and that you can't paint everybody with the same brush, no matter what they call themselves. You seem like a really good dude to me and I wish you nothing but happiness on the trail you travel in this life!

  13. Thanks Steve, That means a lot. Actually I just came in to check my last 3 comments over at DC, I left them a few hours ago then went to a friends house to watch the MMA fights, but my comments haven't showed up yet. Anyways I left them on John's post about "editing another book".
    I hope you stop back by to visit.

    Good night good man, feeno

  14. I always wonder why believers think that atheists think they know everything. I certainly don't. I would never presume to say so and never have thought so. On the other hand, I know many believers who are sure they are in possession of the absolute truth. And, as far as being mad at anyone. I'm not mad. I am sometimes annoyed that I am treated as a second class citizen, but I am rarely mad at anyone or anything. And my atheist friends aren't either. I think that is a misconception on the part of believers. Who would we be mad at? Many think we are mad at God, but since we don't believe God exists, how can we be mad at a fictional character? I don't like some of the thins God is supposed to have done (cruel, vindictive, violent) but since I don't think he exists, I don't think any god really did those things. In my opinion, if they happened, man did them to each other and used God as an excuse.

    As one who has had great difficulty in paying for my own health coverage, I would love to see any improvement in extending access to health coverage to everyone. And I certainly have had more resources to pay for my coverage than many ---so I feel great empathy for those who can't afford it at all. I have friends around the world in Australia, France, Canada, and elsewhere who love their health systems. In this country there are people who not only cannot afford coverage and their jobs don't provide it, but who live in areas that don't have doctors, clinics, or hospitals. They might as well live in one of the most underdeveloped countries in the 3rd world. In the UK, they decided to provide coverage for their citizens after WWII ---the idea being if they could find enough money to kill Nazis, they could find enough money to keep their own citizens healthy. If we can find enough money to start a war in two countries (Just think how much less it would have cost us to wage peace ---build schools, health clinics, make friends) then we ought to be able to keep our citizens healthy. Just think if you or your wife or a child had, say, leukemia, and you worked for a small company that didn't provide health care? Without treatment you, your wife or child were sure to die. I personally could accept the inevitable for myself more than for those I love, but still, wouldn't it be nice if treatment were available for everyone in that situation?

  15. Hello C

    Long time no see. Glad to hear from you.
    Happy New yewar!


  16. "But I have met a lot of cool people and hope we can remain friends, in spite of my list. "
    This shouldn't be seen as a "problem" to any atheist. I don't.
    And I too think you seem like a nice guy.